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 Family-Owned Business

 Dawkins International Ltd is a UK Sow Processor. Established in the 1960’s, we are a family business in the true sense of the word; we are a real family! Together we have championed the need for high animal welfare within the industry which has allowed us to develop into a successful, medium-sized company. With our family friendly culture, we pride ourselves on taking a professional approach, adopting an ‘act now’ attitude in everything we do. 


At Dawkins we can offer you high quality British Pork cuts from the prodigious British Sow. Not only does the British sow lend itself perfectly to create a wonderful range of pork foods, but it is an integral part in the development of charcuterie.

We can provide you with any part, or all the sow carcase, with the knowledge that we hold extremely high welfare standards throughout every aspect of processing.

Our dedicated passion for British Pork means we utilise all pig breeds, in particular sows and aim to give a prompt, professional service to all our customers.

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